Sunday, 12 December 2010

Thought it would be better

to change the blog name to my business name. 

And now for an Aromatherapy tip...

My Dad suffers from RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome) quite badly, you will often find him lying on the floor in the evening trying to cool his legs down and to stop them from twitching and aching.  I had made a blend for myself as I get dry, itchy legs, the blend is made up of Lavender (anti-inflammatory), Roman Chamomile (also anti-inflammatory) and Peppermint (cooling, anti-spasmodic), I put these Essential Oils in a mixture of Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil and Shea Butter (the pack of butters I bought from, you can also find this wonderful company on Ebay too).  So I thought I would try this on him, what did we have to lose ?  This blend is massaged into the legs, while the massage warms the muscles (to stop the twitching and aching) the Essential Oils cools the area down making it more comfortable for those with RLS.  He finds it helps a great deal, I made up a batch for him to take home, and he uses it as and when.

Much love
Jo x

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

I have received an email about Backs in Spasms

so thought I thought I would pass it onto here...

Apart from a massage to help with the spasms, if you are unable to get to your Aromatherapist, ask him or her to make you up a blend, it would normally consist of Peppermint and Rosemary and will work wonders, it can also be blended with Black Pepper or Ginger (as well as many others) but these 2 Essential Oils are very warming (and cooling) ideal as the oils penetrate the muscles. Get your partner to (or if you are able to reach) gently massage this blend onto the area every 4 hours.

Much love

Jo x

Monday, 6 December 2010

I have just found this

and am ashamed to say I haven't blogged since April.

So much has gone on really, I am now working 2 afternoons a week at the drug and alcohol abuse centre instead of 1 and I have also gained a position where my daughter works, residential home for mental health (mainly Dementia), for a couple of hours on a Wednesday, Reflexology, foot or leg massage on the residents, it's great, they benefit so much.  I still volunteer at the hospice, the pic above of the newspaper article is of me (on the right), we had our pics taken for the recruitment drive at St Helena Hospice, Tendring Day Centre, from what I have heard it went well.

So what's been happening....

I am now trained in Deep Tissue Massage, Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Natural Lift Face Massage, next month I am doing Pregnancy Massage (Abdominal and Full Body) February I am doing another Indian Head Massage course, purely to learn another routine, and in March I will be doing Thai Foot Massage.  I also started a Sports Massage Therapist course in September, it's going well, but I learned most of it in Deep Tissue, we have started to learn STR (Soft Tissue Release).

I shan't leave it so long to blog next time.

Much love

Jo x