Saturday, 3 April 2010


It's been an eventful 3 weeks.  My daughters "lovely" boyfriend decided it wasn't working out between them, in fact he had been seeing their best friend, betrayal in the worst degree.  Whilst I feel sad/angry for her I am secretly pleased I never really liked him that much, something about him, you know!!

Anyway, we have now acquired the cat that they bought between them, a boy named Padfoot, which turns out to actually be a girl, and we rename her Myrtle (yes we are all Harry Potter fans).   Myrtle is now 8 months and in season, great !!  Never had a cat in season (our old one was spayed as soon as we got her), it's a good job I have Laryngitis and have lost my voice, so I can't shout at her lol, I have had to try and calm her down so that she doesn't wake Nell, she has to work this weekend.

When I am feeling better and all has been restored to normality in our house, I will start to post again. 

Much love

Jo xx