Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Off work poorly

feeling sick, shivers, shakes and bad tummy.  To top it all I have found out I have lost yet another job with the same company, the one that was supposed to last until December, but from 31st March we will no longer work there, as from this Friday we can take Garden Leave for this job too, just as well, as I have lost heart for the company, for a charity they are not very charitable.

Much love, Jo x

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Goats Milk and Babassu Oil

Here is a new bar that I have made just for myself, I love Goats Milk in soaps, have been using it quite a bit really, this is my basic recipe but with babassu oil instead of coconut oil.  It's so creamy looking I can't wait to try it.  I actually made it nearly 2 weeks ago, so only another 2 or 3 weeks left to cure.

Much love, Jo x

Friday, 10 February 2012

It is official

As from the 31st March I am redundant.  I can work up to the 24th February and take "Garden Leave" and still be paid, so I can work if I want to.   I won't be, I shall be out visiting residential homes to see if they would like the services of a holistic therapist, there are quite a few homes here in Clacton and the surrounding villages.  I visit one now on a Wednesday and I love it, plus my daughter used to work there, so I have got friendly with the staff as well as the residents, it's incredibly rewarding.

Also, tomorrow, I am going on a course to learn how to apply eyelash extensions, I was unsure at 1st as I really didn't want to go down the Beauty Therapy route, I am more the massage/reflexology type of person, but I am really looking forward to doing it, and on the 1st April I am going to learn beauty facials, I already do a Natural Lift Face Massage, a natural progression I think.  I know I have a follower from my town, so if you know of anyone who would like their eyelashes done, I will be practising and asking for a donation only.  I will post of my progress tomorrow.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone, whatever you do.

Much love, Jo x

Monday, 6 February 2012

What shall I call this one

I will probably start to sell my soaps soon, I have enough of them !!  My problem is with names, I have no imagination where that is concerned :)

Well here it is Sleepyhead FO

Pretty isn't it?!

Much love, Jo x

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Ok, so I made the

Lavender and Patchouli for my Mum, it turned out real sweet :)  (This was actually made well before Christmas, but according to the blog it was still a draft, so here it is published)

Much love, Jo x

Oh forgot to say

As you most of you know I have lost my contract therapy job, this doesn't actually finish in April like I was told, it has been wound down to the end of February, gutted for my clients isn't the word!!

Anyway on a happier note, you know I have been in contact with a place in Colchester called The Tree Room, and I am pleased to announce that I will definitely be renting a room from Saturday 10th March, 10.30 - 2pm, and will be there every other Saturday (for the time being, hopefully to rent all day Saturday).

As previously mentioned they are having an Open Day on the 3rd March 11 - 4pm, I have an exhibit table there and if you are in the area, please come and say hello and pick up a 10% off voucher (valid only for 2 Saturdays in March on therapies £20 and over).

Much love, Jo x

p.s.  Sorry this is a repeat of an earlier post, which completely slipped my mind, but no harm in a reminder

New soap made today

TD, Pearl Mica, Pink Ultramarine and Green Oxide (I think) and Sleepyhead fragrance from Sensory Perfection.  Will hopefully be cut tomorrow.

Much love, Jo x