Sunday, 12 December 2010

Thought it would be better

to change the blog name to my business name. 

And now for an Aromatherapy tip...

My Dad suffers from RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome) quite badly, you will often find him lying on the floor in the evening trying to cool his legs down and to stop them from twitching and aching.  I had made a blend for myself as I get dry, itchy legs, the blend is made up of Lavender (anti-inflammatory), Roman Chamomile (also anti-inflammatory) and Peppermint (cooling, anti-spasmodic), I put these Essential Oils in a mixture of Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil and Shea Butter (the pack of butters I bought from, you can also find this wonderful company on Ebay too).  So I thought I would try this on him, what did we have to lose ?  This blend is massaged into the legs, while the massage warms the muscles (to stop the twitching and aching) the Essential Oils cools the area down making it more comfortable for those with RLS.  He finds it helps a great deal, I made up a batch for him to take home, and he uses it as and when.

Much love
Jo x

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

I have received an email about Backs in Spasms

so thought I thought I would pass it onto here...

Apart from a massage to help with the spasms, if you are unable to get to your Aromatherapist, ask him or her to make you up a blend, it would normally consist of Peppermint and Rosemary and will work wonders, it can also be blended with Black Pepper or Ginger (as well as many others) but these 2 Essential Oils are very warming (and cooling) ideal as the oils penetrate the muscles. Get your partner to (or if you are able to reach) gently massage this blend onto the area every 4 hours.

Much love

Jo x

Monday, 6 December 2010

I have just found this

and am ashamed to say I haven't blogged since April.

So much has gone on really, I am now working 2 afternoons a week at the drug and alcohol abuse centre instead of 1 and I have also gained a position where my daughter works, residential home for mental health (mainly Dementia), for a couple of hours on a Wednesday, Reflexology, foot or leg massage on the residents, it's great, they benefit so much.  I still volunteer at the hospice, the pic above of the newspaper article is of me (on the right), we had our pics taken for the recruitment drive at St Helena Hospice, Tendring Day Centre, from what I have heard it went well.

So what's been happening....

I am now trained in Deep Tissue Massage, Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Natural Lift Face Massage, next month I am doing Pregnancy Massage (Abdominal and Full Body) February I am doing another Indian Head Massage course, purely to learn another routine, and in March I will be doing Thai Foot Massage.  I also started a Sports Massage Therapist course in September, it's going well, but I learned most of it in Deep Tissue, we have started to learn STR (Soft Tissue Release).

I shan't leave it so long to blog next time.

Much love

Jo x

Saturday, 3 April 2010


It's been an eventful 3 weeks.  My daughters "lovely" boyfriend decided it wasn't working out between them, in fact he had been seeing their best friend, betrayal in the worst degree.  Whilst I feel sad/angry for her I am secretly pleased I never really liked him that much, something about him, you know!!

Anyway, we have now acquired the cat that they bought between them, a boy named Padfoot, which turns out to actually be a girl, and we rename her Myrtle (yes we are all Harry Potter fans).   Myrtle is now 8 months and in season, great !!  Never had a cat in season (our old one was spayed as soon as we got her), it's a good job I have Laryngitis and have lost my voice, so I can't shout at her lol, I have had to try and calm her down so that she doesn't wake Nell, she has to work this weekend.

When I am feeling better and all has been restored to normality in our house, I will start to post again. 

Much love

Jo xx

Monday, 15 March 2010

Spring Fayre - Sat 13th March 2010

Not many people turned up which was a real shame.  I had 2 people come to me for Aromatherapy Hand Massage (£5 for 10 minutes) and made a loss of £5 (£15 for table).  Never mind there is always next time, I have heard they are doing a Pamper/Psychic evening some time soon, should be interesting, watch this space.

Much love

Jo x

Sunday, 21 February 2010


For a limited amount of time I am offering a special introductory offer of £25 for a full body Hot Stone massage.  If you would like to book, please check out

Much love

Jo x

It was amazing....

Hot Stone Massage course.  There were 4 people on the course, me, my friend Nicky and 2 others.  I find it much better to learn this way when there aren't so many people.  I was the one who was volunteered to be demonstrated on, and it was lush.  I can't wait to have another :)

I started off by laying on my back, quite alien to me, as I start with the back during any kind of massage.  Sarah the tutor started by applying oil to my neck and shoulders, then with the stones and proceeded onto my face, then my arm.  Nicky took over, but she also used cold stones on my face, that was incredibly refreshing, and would be much better off at the end, so that you are relaxed but alert. 

If you want to ask anything about the above, or any of the treatments I offer please do not hesitate to ask.

Much love

Jo x

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Oh My Goodness

So yesterday I was just about to go to work, when I get a call from my therapy insurance company.  I had entered a competition at the beginning of February, from the International Therapist magazine (forgotten all about it actually) and WON *big grin*. 

I was 1 of 2 people to be chosen and the prize is a days workshop, not sure doing what yet (looks like there are a few to choose from) as I will be advised on what I can do when the actual company ring me, within the next few days. That's twice in so many months that I've entered a competition and won.  Go me !  :)

Much love
Jo x

Monday, 15 February 2010

As promised....

Headaches and Migraines....

Indian Head Massage....

Is great for headaches/migraines or the more common tension headaches.  Alot of people hold tension in their scalps and necks and this is a great way to relieve those symptoms, please do not have this treatment when you have a full blown headache or migraine, as it can make the symptoms worse.  It is best to have these treatments once a week when the headaches has gone, and the Indian Head Massage may lengthen the time between each headache, therefore you will not need one a week, maybe every fortnight - 4 weeks, this is all depending on the severity of the headaches.

Aromatherapy or Body Massage....

Most headaches are caused by stress, and what better way to help beat stress than to have a relaxing massage.  A tailored Aromatherapy massage using a blend of oils such as Lavender, or Clary Sage will not only leave you feeling totally relaxed, but the massages release a hormone called Endorphins, our own natural painkiller.  If you can't get to have a massage then rub a drop of Lavender on each temple, gently, this will help you sleep and calm down children who do not like bedtimes.


A wonderful and calming treatment.  As soon as the therapists starts to massage your feet, you can feel all the tension ebb away, and this is even before the actual treatment starts.  If you are unable to get to a therapist, then here is a tip to help you, press the webby fleshy part of your hand between thumb and forefinger on both hands, if this hurts lessen the pressure but that is the part you need.  Another tip for restless children at bedtimes, make their hand into a cup and in the centre of the palm just below the third finger is the "Solar Plexus".  Gently, with your thumbs, press about 3 or 4 times, this will calm them down,  Do the same for yourself whenever you feel agitated or stressed.

I hope you will enjoy reading these little snippets of information, they are designed to help you.  If you would like any information on any Holistic treatments, do not hesitate to ask me.  I cannot diagnose and please do not stop taking conventional medicine, the therapies are there to complement one another.

P.S I forgot to add this therapy....

Hopi Ear Candling....

A wonderful relaxing ear treatment that is great for the headache you get when your sinuses are playing up, that heavy pressure across the face feeling.  The candle, when lit,  creates a vacuum in the ear releasing pressure of ear wax and bunged up sinuses, this should all be finished off with a face massage, this helps to drain the toxins out.  Again, please do not have the treatment when you have a sinus infection or have a full blown headache.  This treatment isn't just for headaches, but I will tell you more about that in another blog.

Much love

Jo x

Sunday, 14 February 2010


In less than a week I shall be on my way to Billericay for the day to learn Hot Stone Massage to offer more treatments for my business. I need to read up on my a&p to refresh before Saturday, but instead I have been relishing reading blogs on sewing. Friday night I scoured the net for hours looking for chickens after finding sew mama sews Spring Chicken, and came across some cute little ones that look like triangles. Do you think I could find a pattern for these, no :(

I went to bed Friday night and dreamed of chicken patterns and triangles and tetrahedrons !!

Saturday morning arrives along with my Avon deliveries, they were pushed aside while I ran Nell to the station. I had to go to the bank and whilst standing in the queue I decided to pop into the haberdashers, by the door were some fat quarters and a huge bag of stuffing. Before I knew it, I was sitting in the car admiring my new stash. Couldn't wait to get home and iron them out and stroke them lol.

I get home and decided that if I don't bag up the Avon it won't get done, so I did that, then had brunch and washed up, sat down with a lovely cuppa and scoured the net again for these elusive chickens, with my gorgeous stash by my side.

I typed into google images chicken patterns and nearly spat my tea over the laptop when lo and behold a pattern before my very eyes. My heart lurched and skipped a beat, I was soooo excited.

I made 2 yesterday, my sewing skills aren't what they used to be. It will take a bit of getting used to using the sewing machine again. I even found my old SM up in the loft along with some other material and another bag of stuffing.

I'm not sure how to put photos on my posts (sadly they are blurred my phone isn't very good, and Nell has lost our camera) so if anyone reads this, could they help out?

Much love

Jo x

Edited post, found out how to put pics on :) yay for me !!

Friday, 12 February 2010

The Start of the Weekend

I can't believe it's Friday already where does the time go ?! Am off to the hospice in a couple of hours to do my volunteering bit, I am the massage therapist there Mondays and Fridays, just for a couple of hours. Very rewarding job, interesting too. Love hearing all the old stories from years gone by.

What are you all up to this weekend ? Nell is off to her boyfriends in Southend tomorrow til Tuesday, so I will have a nice and tidy house :) The Avon delivery is due tomorrow, so will bag that up ready to deliver Sunday and Monday.

Much love

Jo x

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Busy afternoon....

and haven't really had a chance to read my magazine. Will update as and when...

Much love

Jo x

Hello :)

Wednesday 10th February 2010.....

Well this is my very 1st post on my very 1st blog, how very exciting !! I do hope you enjoy reading through my posts. I will be posting topics on various ailments and how I would go about relieving those symptoms with holistic therapies. Please let me know what YOU wish to know about and what therapies can help.


Received my magazine this morning Natural Health Magazine, have you read it ? I absolutely love it, it's packed full of interesting articles on how to live your life to it's fullest, and an interesting piece I can't wait to read about "Holistic Energy" and how to beat daily exhaustion, something we all suffer with.

Will be back later on this evening (after pleading with my daughter to let me on her laptop, as mine is poorly) to tell you what I thought.

Much love

Jo x