Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Natural Facelift (Facial Rejuvenation)

Don't want to pay high prices for Botox, then book a 3 course session with me for just £65 !!  Please call me on 01255 435518 or 07932993009 now !

Clacton on Sea, Essex and surrounding areas only.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Nell and James get married, Saturday, 13th August 2011

Nell and James are married, it was a very emotional day, she was fine til she got to the church and then it hit her, she cried, my Dad cried, she was group hugged by soldiers, Dad and 3 gorgeous bridesmaids.  She cried all the way down the aisle, through most of her vows, you wouldn't think but this is one happy 21 year old.

And yes, the bride and bridesmaids did really wear converse lol

She leaves to start married life in Cyprus on Saturday 3rd September, flying from Brize Norton, a day which I am dreading, but am thinking that they are coming home for Christmas, and I shall be hopefully flying out to see them for my birthday in April.

Much love, Jo

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

In less than 2 weeks

My daughter Nell will be getting married, and on 4th September she will be flying out to Dhekelia Cantonment, Cyprus, to start married life with James.  It will be only for a year and then they will move back to Surrey, Pirbright, at least she will only be 2 hours away in this country as opposed to 5 in another. I shall miss her so much.  I am very proud of her, she has grown up into a beautiful young lady, who has matured in the last 18 months, (due to working in a residential home with some wonderful staff, that have become very good friends with her, for that I shall be eternally grateful).
I have made 3 bridesmaid dresses, happy with 2 of them, not so with 1, once it is all finished I am sure it will look lovely, they are all wearing Converse trainers, my Nell isn't your usual conventional bride.

As you may or may not be aware, I am a Complementary Therapist, and I have been looking at courses to keep myself occupied when she leaves home. The one I really want to do, is make lotions and potions to sell to clients and non clients, by this I mean, internet selling via my website www.joannawrighttherapies.webs.com or other www means, I have yet to look into this.  My qualification for Aromatherapy allows me to send my client away with whatever leftover oil there is, but not sell anything that I make, and I love love love making lotions, creams, massage creams, lotion bars etc, all that I use just for me (at the mo).  I have emailed my insurance company again to ask another question, which is, can I make creams etc and buy a Cosmetic Safety Assessment and be insured, if they say yes, I can save myself £100+ on courses, don't get me wrong, I love courses, and I love learning, but this one is missions away, Leicestershire, ok not missions, but far enough just for one day.  I am waiting for a soap making book too, this is another thing that I am interested in doing.

Watch this space

Much love