Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Spray Tanning

Yesterday I completed my spray tan course, I really enjoyed it, it was just my friend and I, we like small classes. 

The lady who taught us, Lisa, was really nice, she didn't mind us newbies questioning her about every bit of her beauty business, such as prices, what she offered, any tips which she gladly shared with us, some BT's don't as they are worried that we may undercut them (understandable, but Lisa lives over 40 miles away, so this wasn't going to be a problem).

Anyway, about the company that we used, Sunless Solutions, we were told that Amy Childs, she of TOWIE fame started off using this, so we will find this as an USP.  The aim of the game is to be quick and methodical and not leave the skin dripping wet with tanning solution.  Sounds easy eh ?!

I need to practice, practice, practice but I know I will be ok.

Much love, Jo x

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