Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Hi everyone

It's been a while since I have posted anything.  I have been quite busy with courses and building up my business, which is taking off nicely (beauty more than massage) not that I am complaining, am really enjoying that side of things. 

This last week I have decorated with my Mum, my daughters old room, it was Hot Pink and is now a nice normal Magnolia colour.  Hopefully in a few months time my parents will be moving back down to Essex and I shall be moving back in with them and renting out my property, needs must for the time being I'm afraid, (even though the business is picking up, money is still very tight, thankfully I don't have a mortgage nor pay rent, but my little cleaning job just about covers the bills, but I still have to eat and put petrol in my car).

The decorating of Nell's old room means that all my soaping equipment is now in storage in the garage, and I don't know when I will next soap.  I must have 20lbs of soap in storage *eek* guess what people are getting for Christmas, unless I sell some at the home I massage at once a week, or at the cleaning job that I do.  My next decorating task is my bedroom or the bathroom or the kitchen, I don't know which yet, they all need doing.  The fascias and soffits need doing, I need a new back door, boiler, kitchen sink and a shower, I said to my Dad when all of this is done I won't want to move out!!  Who am I kidding, I need somewhere bigger and a back door that isn't in my bedroom lol I live in a bungalow and that's how it is!

Much love

Jo x

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