Thursday, 22 March 2012

Thursday Soaping

Here are my latest efforts, Lavender and Mint, and some shaving soaps with lavender, I have also made Coffee Kitchen Scrubby Soap, but no pic for that one yet.

First up, Lavender Mint ITPS, not cut)

Secondly, shaving soap, I put 2 lots in 2 mugs (His mug for my Dad, Her mug for my Daughter)

Hope the ITPS comes out ok, in the middle of melting oils and waiting for the lye to cool I was hit with a massive migraine, so had to leave it a good few hours.

Much love, Jo

1 comment:

  1. Pretty soaps, Joanna! Lavender and Mint is a wonderful combination. Can't wait to see it cut. The shaving mug is cute, too - I like to make shaving soap for my husband. Looking forward to seeing the Coffee Kitchen Scrubby soap, too!